Results: Seacoast USATF-NE Grand Prix Race Walk

Seacoast USATF-NE Grand Prix Race Walk
Portsmouth High School, Portsmouth, NH
Sunday, May 15, 2016
Weather: 54F, overcast, windy from the west

3000 Meter Race Walk
Isabelle Trefts (age 12) 17:46.0

5000 Meter Race Walk – Women
Maegan Allen (17) 28:07.3
Val Vaitones (19) 33:22.8

5000 Meter Race Walk – Men
Ed O’Rourke  (54) 27:28.80
Nolan Allen  (16) 27:59.4
Bob Keating  (69) 28:44.2
Stephan Mayeux (51) 29:55.6
Kioshi Imai (58) 33:08.9

Thank you to today’s Judges: Tom Menendez, Justin Kuo, Rich McElvery, Steve Vaitones.
Thank you to the volunteer lap counters.
Thank you to the sponsor of today’s race: Seacoast Dream Dentistry, Portsmouth, NH.

Award winners of the 2016 Seacoast Racewalk: Val Vaitones, Isabelle Trefts, Maegan Allen, Nolan Allen, Ed O'Rourke, and Bob Keating.

Award winners of the 2016 Seacoast Racewalk: Val Vaitones, Isabelle Trefts, Maegan Allen, Nolan Allen, Ed O’Rourke, and Bob Keating.

Seacoast 3000m/5000m, May 15th, Portsmouth NH

The first outdoor New England RW Grand Prix event of 2016 will be the Seacoast 3000m/5000m in Portsmouth NH on Sunday May 15th, at the Portsmouth High School track. Registration will open at 9 a.m., and both races will start at 10 a.m.

The Seacoast USATF-NE GP Race Walk is hosted by the New England Walkers. We welcome anyone interested in the sport of race walking—please come! If can’t compete consider helping out, lap counters are always needed.

(Entry form attached)


New England Walkers’ Maegan Allen Places 7th at Millrose Games

Last Saturday, Maegan Allen of the New England Walkers earned 7th place in the Women’s 1-Mile Race Walk at the Millrose Games in NYC. Competing against the nation’s top women race walkers, Maegan held 4th position from 1200 meters until the final straight, finishing in 7:35.94.

Congratulations Maegan!

The full results and video can be found at:

2016 Millrose Games Women's 1 Mile Race Walk--Maegan Allen in 4th place with 1200m to go. Photo courtesy Metropolis-Brookline TC

2016 Millrose Games Women’s 1 Mile Race Walk–Maegan Allen in 4th place with 1200m to go. (Photo courtesy Metropolis-Brookline TC)

Results: USATF New England Indoor Open Championships

Harvard University, Boston MA
Sunday, February 21, 2016

Women 3000 Meter Race Walk
1. Kayla Allen          Unattached ME (HS)       14:59.40
2. Maegan Allen         New England Walkers (HS) 15:05.17
3. Holly Lindoe         Franklin Pierce Univ     16:36.46
4. Moira Burgess        Unattached ME (HS)       17:49.90

Men 3000 Meter Race Walk
1. Spencer Dunn         Unattached ME (HS)       14:31.15
2. Edward O'Rourke III  New England Walkers      15:47.08
3. Robert Keating       New England Walkers      16:36.44
-- Stephen Peckiconis   Cambridge Sports Union   DQ

Judges: Tom Eastler, Tom Knatt, Steve Vaitones, Rich McElvery, Justin Kuo
(Photo credit: Melissa Monaghan)
Spencer Dunn, Ed O'Rourke, Maegan Allen, Kayla Allen

Spencer Dunn, Ed O’Rourke, Maegan Allen, Kayla Allen

Results: 41st Annual Kathy & Ken Hayden, 3.8 Mile Racewalk (6-kilometers)

D.W. Park, Brockton, MA
Monday, February 15, 2016
Conditions: Sunny and 20 °F (balmy).

1. Edward O'Rourke (M54), Groton MA     35:54
2. Rich McElvery (M58), Mont Vernon NH  37:09
3. Steve Vaitones (M60), Waltham MA     43:02
4. Charles Mansbach (M71), Waban MA     43:37
(The event was not judged.)

Thank you Justin for volunteering to time this event.
Start of 2016 Kathy & Ken Hayden 3.8 Mile Racewalk: Steve, Ed, Rich, and Charlie.

Start of 2016 Kathy & Ken Hayden 3.8 Mile Racewalk: Steve, Ed, Rich, and Charlie.

Results: Waltham Track Club Youth Development Meet

Kennedy Middle School Track
Waltham, MA
Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mixed 800 Meter Race Walk
 1. Alessia Caira         W14 Waltham TC     4:00.00
 2. Michael Thomas        M12 Waltham TC     4:06.00
 3. Camille Kouriez       W12 Waltham TC     4:30.00
 4. Braedon Longfritz     M14 Waltham TC     4:54.00
 5. Myasia Gordon         W10 Waltham TC     5:14.00
 6. Brenna Thomas         W10 Waltham TC     5:19.00
 6. Vivian Wakfield       W14 Waltham TC     5:19.00
 8. Max Wozek             M10 Waltham TC     5:23.00
 9. Lulu Conroy           W10 Waltham TC     5:25.00
10. James Hutchinson      M10 Waltham TC     5:28.00
11. Karl DeMatteo         M12 Waltham TC     5:30.00
12. Isabella DiRocco      W10 Waltham TC     5:41.00
13. Sadie Norgaard        W10 Waltham TC     5:45.00
14. Meredith MacNeil      W10 Waltham TC     5:50.00
15. Laurel Nyhan          W12 Town TC        7:00.00
16. Sarah Dagher          W10 Town TC        7:20.00

Updated: USATF-NE RW Grand Prix Standings

The 2016 USATF New England Race Walk Grand Prix standings have been updated to include last weekend’s USATF East Region and New England Championships.

The next Grand Prix event will be the USATF New England Indoor Open Championships at Harvard University on Sunday, February 21st. More information can be found at

The current standings after three races:

Ed O’Rourke               162.65
Spencer Dunn            156.16
Stephen Peckiconis     146.56
Bob Keating                 86.11
Brian Savilonis              73.22
Nolan Allen                  69.96
Charlie Mansbach         69.90
Larry Epstein                68.66

Kayla Allen                159.46
Maegan Allen            153.09
Sydney Sirois            146.96
Siana Emery              144.26
Moira Burgess           132.92
Holly Lindoe                72.10
Hayley Bickford           68.41
Alessia Caira               66.88
Holly Wenninger          65.51

Results: USATF East Region & New England Master’s Meet

Providence Career & Technical High School
Providence, RI
Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mixed 3000m Race Walk
1. Dave Talcott       M55 Shore AC               14:15.88 
2. Maegan Allen       W17 New England Walkers    15:26.97
3. Edward O'Rourke    M54 unattached             15:42.94
4. Robert Keating     M68 New England Walkers    16:40.38
5. Stephen Peckiconis M56 Cambridge Sports Union 17:32.73
6. Larry Epstein      M57 New England Walkers    18:39.41
7. Brian Savilonis    M65 New England Walkers    18:58.03
8. Holly Wenninger    W51 unattached             20:05.54
9. Charles Mansbach   M71 New England Walkers    21:18.50
-- Pat Yingling       W71 unattached             DNF

Judges: Tom Knatt, Rich McElvery, Steve Vaitones, Ron Boemker
Dave Talcott, Ed O'Rourke, Maegan Allen

Dave Talcott, Ed O’Rourke, Maegan Allen

Results: GBTC Invitational Track Club Meet

Gordon Track, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Sunday, January 24, 2016
Mixed 3000 Meter Race Walk
1. Dunn, Spencer M17 Unattached 14:26.86
2. Allen, Kayla W16 LA Racewalkers 14:37.40
3. Allen, Maegan W17 New England 15:09.57
4. Allen, Nolan M15 New England 16:01.78
5. Lindoe, Holly W20 Franklin Pierce 16:03.48
6. Sirois, Sydney W16 LA Racewalkers 16:40.61
7. Emery, Siana W17 LA Racewalkers 16:54.13
8. Peckiconis, Stephen M56 CSU 17:06.68
9. Caira, Alessia W14 Waltham Track 17:57.40
10. Burgess, Moira W15 LA Racewalkers 18:13.17