Lindoe & O’Rourke Winners of the Tom Knatt NE 1-Mile Championship

Tom Knatt USATF New England Indoor 1 Mile Race Walk Championship
Johnson Athletic Center, M.I.T, Cambridge MA
13 December 2014

In a classic photo finish, Holly Lindoe of Franklin Pierce University edged out New England Walkers Ed O’Rourke at the line to win the overall inaugural Tom Knatt NE 1-Mile Championship at MIT last Saturday.

Photo Finish: Lindoe/O'Rourke

1    Holly Lindoe         Franklin Pierce U     7:49.33

2    Ed O’Rourke         NEWalkers              7:49.36

3    Nolan Allen           Unattached             7:56.22

4    Maegan Allen        Unattached             7:59.64

5    Val Vaitones          NEWalkers              9:06.59

6    Alessia Caira          Waltham TC            9:34.18

7    Jay Diener             Granite State RW    9:40.43

8    Charles Mansbach  NEWalkers            10:49.92

9    Tom Knatt             NEWalkers            11:50.65

2014-12-13 MIT TK Mile ValVaitones 01

Tom Knatt NE 1-Mile Championship (Photo: Val Vaitones)

2014-12-13 MIT TK Mile VaitonesVal 02

Winners Holly Lindoe and Ed O’Rourke with Tom Knatt (Photo: Val Vaitones)

Sat Dec 13th: Tom Knatt NE 1-Mile Championship

The first race of the 2015 New England Race Walking season is upon us! The first annual Tom Knatt NE Indoor 1-Mile Championship, will be held on Saturday, December 13th at MIT in Cambridge, MA, at the Johnson Athletic Center. The race is open to all ages, and will start at 9:45 a.m.

For the list of 2015 New England Race Walking and Grand Prix events, click on Upcoming Events – “2015 Grand Prix Events + Novice Events.”

Final Results: 2014 USA Track & Field New England Race Walk Grand Prix

Congratulations to this year’s USATF New England Race Walk Grand Prix winners Bob Keating and Maryanne Daniel. In addition, USATF-NE awards were earned by Keating and Valia Vaitones.

In all, seven men and three women completed the four events, with 31 athletes participating in at least one of our 12 Grand Prix races. Scores are based on a walker’s race time in relation to the international age-graded tables.

Men (4 events)           Points:
Robert Keating           337.75
Edward O’Rourke III  328.69
Spencer Dunn            308.28 (USATF-ME)
Stephen Peckiconis     298.46
Larry Epstein              293.76
Charlie Mansbach        284.82
Clyde Wilder               281.45

Women (4 events)     Points:
Maryanne Daniel        333.51 (USATF-CT)
Holly Lindoe              290.24 (Franklin Pierce College)
Valentina Vaitones     272.47

Results: 2014 CT Association 10,000m Championship

Peter’s Recreational Complex, Clinton, CT
Sunday Nov 2, 2014

Weather: Partly sunny, 42 degrees, extreme wind, gusts up to 50mph

Many thanks to Maryanne Daniel and the CT Walkers for hosting the race, and the volunteers and judges making the last 2014 USATF-NE Race Walk Grand Prix event a success.

1. Meaghan Podlaski 17  Unattached, NY              54:01.21 (1st open/Jr Girls)
2. Valentina Vaitones 18  Golden Spikes, Derry NH   1:05:24 (2nd open/Jr Girls)
3. Charlie Mansbach   70  NEWalkers, Waban MA      1:13:20 (1st Masters Men)
4. Ginger Armstrong   52  CTRW, Canterbury CT      1:17:27 (1st Masters Women)

1. Bill Vayo    50    Shore AC, NY       29:02 (1st open/Masters Men)
2. Joe Light    67    NEWalkers, RI       34:57 (2nd open/Masters Men)
3. Lucy Vayo   13   Ursuline School, NY  36:40 (1st Jr Girls)

Judges: Debbie and Shawn Frederick, Geoff Bye, Ron Daniel, Jean Tenan (Chief)
Lap counting, timing and marshalling: John Palmer, Ed Vaitones and Linda Podlaski

New England Walkers Annual Meeting Minutes, Sunday, October 19th

The New England Walkers explored ways to attract young participants, discussed a bid for a 2015 national championship, and elected a new vice president and member-at-large at the group’s annual meeting Oct. 19 in Groton, MA.

Club president Ed O’Rourke identified his primary concern as promoting racewalking and reaching young athletes who are already participating in track. Tom Menendez said his experience in Maine underscored the need to show youths the value and the opportunity in racewalking events. He discussed the lack of available indoor tracks in Maine, and Ed Vaitones talked of similar challenges in New Hampshire.

Ed O’Rourke offered a goal of compiling a 12-month calendar of workouts and clinics throughout New England. He, Ed Vaitones, and Rich McElvery will try to produce a schedule. Steve Vaitones said he has found little interest in racewalking among youth track and field groups in the Boston area, and said one-time clinics seem not to help. He said localizing events for youths is vital and developing personal relationships with high school coaches can advance the cause. Ed O’Rourke noted that a clinic scheduled for that morning on the Groton rail trail drew no one, although announcing the event in the local newspaper was easy to do.

Steve said he is able to schedule races that precede track meets at MIT because he and Justin Kuo manage the meets. He said it is also possible to add a racewalk to a track meet at the Reggie Lewis facility at Roxbury Community College.

Members discussed bidding to host the national one hour championship for 2015. If that race is not open for bid, perhaps the club could bid for the 10K or 15K, Ed O’Rourke said. Steve said the 10K or 15K would require more amenities than the one-hour, and the club would need to find a suitable road course. Members discussed Devens as a possibility.

The club will continue the New England Grand Prix in 2015 with the established schedule of races.

Members voted to increase the annual dues to $10 for an individual and $15 for a family.

Ed O’Rourke said he wants to continue the monthly conference calls with other club officers to further our agendas.

Rich McElvery was elected club vice president, succeeding Brian Savilonis, who chose not to continue in the position because of other commitments. Ed Vaitones was elected member-at-large to succeed Rich. Continuing in their positions are Ed O’Rourke, president, Justin Kuo, treasurer, and Charlie Mansbach, secretary.

Attending the meeting were host Ed O’Rourke, Tom Knatt, Annie Montgomery, Joanne and Bill Harriman, Anne Neuburg, Brian Savilonis, Rich McElvery, Ed, Steve, and Valia Vaitones, Joe Light, Tom Menendez, Kayla Allen, and Charlie Mansbach.


2014-10-19 NEWalkers Annul Meeting 02 croppedWarm up exercises for the race walk prior to the New England Walkers annual meeting and potluck.

Thank you Jeff Salvage!

A warm thank you to Jeff Salvage for offering a successful Race Walking Clinic, September 27-28. Combining active sessions and classroom lectures, Jeff covered everything from technique to nutrition, flexibility, to training, and and mixed in a bit of race strategy. Thanks to Ed O’Rourke for organizing the event.

Sun Oct. 19th: New England Walkers Annual Meeting/Potluck and 5K-10K Walk

The 2014 New England Walkers Annual Meeting and traditional potluck will be held on Sunday, October 19th in Groton MA.  Prior to the meeting, there will be a 5K/10K walk on the Rail Trail, starting at 9:30 a.m. from the end of Station Ave. in Groton Center. The event is open to race walkers of all abilities, and is often informally grouped to different paces.

The Annual Meeting will follow at 11 a.m., at the home of Ed and Deborah O’Rourke (978-448-8038), 43 Main St., in Groton Center, across the street from Lawrence Academy. The meeting will include the election of officers and discuss the following:
-Promoting of RW’ing to younger local athletes; getting more local walkers involved
-Booths and Clinics
-Bids for 2015 National races, and the 2015 New England Schedule
-Develop a Task List for future big events
-Helping to recruit more certified officials

Members may suggest other agenda items by emailing Ed O’Rourke ( prior to the meeting. All are welcome to attend, but only paid members may nominate and vote.

The traditional potluck will follow, around noontime.  Please RSVP to Ed ( if you plan to attend the meeting and potluck.
No need to RSVP, if you plan to walk only.

NEWalkers to Host a Weekend Race Walk Clinic with Jeff Salvage, September 27-28

On the weekend of September 27-28, the New England Walkers will host a Race Walk Clinic with Jeff Salvage, in Boston (Woburn) MA. Jeff is the founder of and author of “Walk Like an Athlete” and “Race Walk Like a Champion,” as well as other videos and DVDs. The clinic is oriented towards beginner and experienced race walkers of all ages, including youth. Offering individualized attention, there will be lectures on technique, training, nutrition, injuries, and strength work.

The cost for adults is $180. A few $130 discount slots (total charge of $50) for youth or college athletes are currently available. For more information and sign-up go to

Results: National One Hour Race Walk Championship

2014 USATF National One Hour Race Walk

New Balance Track at Newell Stadium
Gloucester, MA
Sunday, August 10, 2014
Weather: Clear, sunny, temperature in low 80’s with a light breeze.

New England Walkers (NEW) and USA Track & Field New England Association thank you for competing in the 2014 USATF National One Hour Race Walk. We were proud to offer this opportunity to compete in a race sanctioned by USA Track and Field and look forward to seeing you at our events in the future.

2014 Men's Hour DSC_3116men JSMcElvery

The start of the Men’s 1 Hour Walk.

Complete Results

Distance covered in meters
           USA National One Hour Race Walk Championship - 8/10/2014
                   Newell Stadium, Gloucester MA

Men 1 Hour Walk (8:30 a.m.)
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals
  1 Michael Giuseppe Mannozzi 28 Shore Athletic Club    12525m  1 US
* 2 Emerson Hernandez         25 unattached             12335m  * El Salvador
  3 Dave Talcott              54 Shore Athletic Club    11718m  2 US 1 M50
  4 Edward O'Rourke III       52 New England Walkers    10554m  3 US 2 M50
  5 Dan O'Brien               49 Pegasus A.C.           10486m  4 US 1 M45
  6 Bill Vayo                 50 Shore Athletic Club    10045m  5 US 3 M50
  7 Robert Keating            67 New England Walkers     9963m  6 US 1 M65
  8 Leon Jasionowski          69 Pegasus A.C.            9727m       2 M65
  9 Larry Epstein             55 New England Walkers     9659m       1 M55
 10 Bill Reed                 61 Pegasus A.C.            9447m       1 M50
*11 Stephan Mayeux            50 unattached              9309m  * France
 12 Jay Diener                66 New England Walkers     8972m       3 M65
 13 James Carmines Jr         71 So Cal Track Club       8718m       1 M70
 14 Charles Mansbach          69 New England Walkers     8450m       4 M65
 15 John Starr                86 Philadelphia            8009m       1 M85
 16 Gustave Davis             76 Connecticut             7329m       1 M75
 17 Richard Ruquist           76 New England Walkers     6896m       2 M75
 -- Thomas Knatt              74 New England Walkers        DQ
 -- Brian Savilonis           64 New England Walkers        DQ

1 - Shore AC  (Mannozzi, Talcott, Vayo) - 34,288 meters
2 - NE Walkers (O'Rourke, Keating, Epstein) - 30,176 meters
3 - Pegasus AC (O'Brien, Jasionowski, Reed) - 29,660 meters

Women 1 Hour Walk  (9:45 a.m.)
 One Hour Walk
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals
  1 Maria Michta              28 Walk Usa               12210m
  2 Erin Taylor-Talcott       36 Shore Athletic Club    11728m
  3 Katie Burnett             25 unattached             11389m
  4 Meaghan Podlaski          17 unattached             10486m  1 Junior
  5 Kayla Allen               15 Auburn Parks            9664m  2 Junior
  6 Debbie Topham             61 Pegasus A.C.            9513m  1 60-64
  7 Pamela Allie-Morrill      51 unattached              9133m  1 50-54
  8 Valentina Vaitones        17 Golden Spike            8596m  3 Junior
  9 Kay Carmines              68 So Cal Track Club       7832m  1 65-69

Concurrent open 3000m
  1 Alana Zeidler             13 Sheffield,England      17:41.0

Officials and Judges included Maryanne Daniel, Ron Daniel, Tom Knatt, Rich McElvery, Tom Menendez, Steve Vaitones and Bill Harriman (recorder)

Lap Sheets

Click here to view the one-hour lap sheets. 

Judging Summary Sheets

Click here to view the judging summary sheet. 


Printer Tapes


USATF New England by telephone 617-566-7600 days, or e-mail at


Free RW Clinic, August 10th at the National 1-Hour Championships!

A free clinic will be held on Sunday, August 10, at the New Balance Track, (Gloucester High School, Gloucester, MA) in conjunction with the USA National 1-Hour Race Walk Championships.

The clinic will be for beginners and novices of any age, focusing on “how to feel the form” at a easy speed, with some tips to keep it right as one goes faster.  Some beginner training ideas will be shared.  It will start at 10:45 a.m., following the Men’s and Women’s races, and it will last a maximum of 30 minutes.

This is a great opportunity to watch the some of the best race walkers from all over the US, while learning more about race walking technique!