Results: 2019 USATF New England Indoor Championship

2019 USATF New England Indoor Championship
Harvard University, Gordon Indoor Track, Boston, MA
Sunday, February 17, 2019

3000m Race Walk
1. Robert Keating 71 New England Walkers 16:59.09
2. Stefanie Meacham 16 Gorham HS, ME 17:03.13
3. Maryanne Daniel 60 Connecticut Racewalkers 17:07.95
4. Michael Thomas 14 Waltham Track Club 18:35.34
5. Timothy Chelius 62 Shore Athletic Club 18:44.12
6. Barry Blake 64 Shore Athletic Club 18:48.46
7. Brenna Thomas Waltham Track Club 20:04.0
-- Katie Waken 19 BC Running Club DQ (bent knee)

Judges: Ron Daniel, Steve Vaitones, Justin Kuo, Rich McElvery

Results: 2019 USATF East Region and New England Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships

3000m Race Walk

2019 USATF East Region and New England Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships
Providence Career and Technical Academy
Providence, RI
Sunday, January 27, 2019

  1. Benjamin Young M26 Connecticut Racewalkers 14:15.90
  2. Maegan Allen W21 New England Walkers 14:57.00
  3. Lucas Judice M17 Unattached 16:42.98
  4. Robert Keating M71 New England Walkers 17:29.79
  5. Edward O’Rourke III M57 New England Walkers 17:48.83
  6. Barry Blake M64 Shore Athletic Club 19:11.09
  7. Gustave Davis M81 Connecticut Racewalkers 25:06.92

Results: 50th Dartmouth Relays

50th Dartmouth Relays
Leverone Field House, Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH
Sunday, January 13, 2019

Women 1 Mile Race Walk

  1. Miale, Katie Marist College 7:26.50
  2. Allen, Maegan New England Walkers 7:36.18
  3. Meacham, Stefanie Gorham HS 8:39.27
  4. Thurber-Wells, Maizie Unattached 8:49.61
  5. Valentine, Lydia Unattached 9:37.32
  6. Czech, Gabriella Lancaster RW 9:57.21
  7. Sieredzinski, Mary Lone Pine TC 9:57.36
    — Lawson, Miranda Lone Pine TC DQ bent knee
    — Sprout, Katy Lone Pine TC DQ bent knee

Men 1 Mile Race Walk

  1. Allen, Samuel Unattached 7:04.37
  2. Johnson, Carson South Warren HS 7:43.97
  3. Judice, Lucas Thornton 8:24.11
  4. Keating, Robert New England Walkers 8:51.68

Results: 5th Annual Tom Knatt One Mile Walk / USATF-NE Indoor RW Championship

5th Annual Tom Knatt One Mile Walk / USATF-NE Indoor RW Championship
MIT, Johnson Athletic Center, Cambridge, MA
Saturday, December 15, 2018

One Mile Race Walk

1. Benjamin Young      CT Racewalkers   7:19.99
2. Sam Allen           Unattached       7:22.09
3. Chelsea Conway      Shore AC         7:31.24
4. Maegan Allen        NEWalkers        7:39.01
5. Moxie Flanagan      ME HS            8:38.48
6. Maryanne Daniel     CT Racewalkers   8:41.22
7. Bob Keating         NEWalkers        8:42.25
8. Michael Thomas      Waltham TC       8:50.52
9. Stephanie Meacham   Unattached       9:06.96
10. Brenna Thomas      Waltham TC       9:21.65
11.Stephen Peckiconis  CSU              9:49.85
— Jay Diener           NEWalkers        DNF

Judges: Ron Daniel, Steve Vaitones, Rich McElvery, Justin Kuo

Click here for split times.

2019 Winter New England Race Walk Calendar

Below is a list of race walking events in New England (and National Championships) for the winter season. Prior to traveling to the event, always verify the date and time with the event website or director.

Dec 15 Sat   *USATF New England Indoor One Mile Walk Championship (Tom Knatt One Mile Walk), M.I.T, Johnson Athletic Center, Cambridge, MA, 11:30 a.m. start

Dec 29 Sat   USATF Indoor 5000 Meter Race Walk Championships, Gordon Field House and Activities Center, Rochester, NY. Includes also 1500m for HS athletes, anyone wants to go to 10000m.

Jan 13 Sun   *Dartmouth Relays, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, 1 Mile, (Women 9:00 am/Men 9:15 am). Entry deadline January 9th.

Jan 20 Sun   *Greater Boston TC, Harvard University, Gordon Track, 3000m, 9:30 a.m. start (Co-Ed, 20:00 limit)

Jan 27 Sun   *USATF New England and East Region Masters Indoor Championships, Providence Career and Technical Academy, Providence, RI, 3000m Open (27 min limit).—New-England-Association-M.aspx

Jan 26 Sat   USATF 50 km Race Walk Championships & 50 km Pan American Cup Trials, Santee, CA. Contact Tracy Sundlun, 619-726-1952

Feb 09 Sat   NYRR Millrose Games, 1 Mile, Armory, 216 Fort Washington Ave., New York, NY. Bill Vayo

Feb 10 Sun   USATF Connecticut Indoor Championship, Floyd Little Athletic Center, Hillhouse High School, New Haven, CT, 1 Mile Open 1 Mile Open.

Feb 17 Sun   *USATF New England Indoor Open Championships, Harvard University, Gordon Track, 3000m (20:00 limit)

Feb 20 Wed   Reggie Lewis Youth Meet, Reggie Lewis Center, Boston MA, 800m & 1 mile RW (2 yr groups age 6-8 through age 15-16)

Feb 22-24   USATF Indoor Track and Field Championships, 3000m, Ocean Breeze Sports Complex, Staten Island, NYC, NY

Mar 03 Sun   Northeast Indoor Classic, Reggie Lewis Center, Boston, MA, Youth 800m Race Walk (ages 7-16),

Mar 01-03   USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships, 1 Mile/3000m, JDL Fast Track, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mar 08-10   New Balance Indoor Scholastic Nationals (High School), 1 Mile, NY City Armory, New York City, NY, (qualifying times)

Mar 15-17   USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships, Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex, Staten Island, NY, 1500m & 3000m

2018 Tom Knatt One Mile Race Walk: Saturday, December 15th

The 5th annual Tom Knatt One Mile Walk, also serving as the USATF-NE Indoor One Mile RW Championship, will be held at MIT’s Johnson Athletic Center in Cambridge, MA.

USATF-NE Championship medals will be awarded to the top three male and female finishers at the event.

Open to all ages, the race starts at 12:20 p.m. No entry fee, check in by 11:30 a.m. If there are more than 6 youth age 13 and under, we will contest a 1000m race to go at 12:15 p.m.

Bring your completed entry form to the meet. As the event will have a wide range of abilities, please be prepared to supply your own lap counter.

Please send an email indicating your intent to compete to

Final Results: 2018 USATF New England Race Walk Grand Prix

Congratulations to the 2018 USATF-NE Race Walk Grand Prix winners, Bob Keating and Maegan Allen! In all, twenty-nine athletes participated in at least one of our 12 Grand Prix races. Results are below.

The first 2019 USATF-NE Grand Prix race will be Tom Knatt One Mile Walk at held on Saturday, Dec. 15th (12:20 pm start) at MIT’s Johnson Athletic Center in Cambridge, MA. See you there!

1. Bob Keating, 71, New England Walkers                  343.82 (4 races)
2. Ed O’Rourke, 57, New England Walkers                 329.41 (4 races)
3. Brian Savilonis, 68, New England Walkers               290.26 (4 races)
4. Charlie Mansbach, 74, New England Walkers          283.55 (4 races)
5. Stephen Peckiconis, 59, Cambridge Sports Union  283.13 (4 races)
6. Michael Thomas (13-14), Waltham TC                     271.11 (4 races)
7. Will Smith, (13-14), Waltham TC                              252.93 (4 races)
8. Nolan Allen, (17-18), New England Walkers             218.20 (3 races)
9. Tom Knatt, 78, New England Walkers                      214.53 (3 races)
10. Dylan Lamont, (17-18), Gorham HS (ME)               147.27
11. Tom Finn, 62, Connecticut Racewalkers                145.67
12. Larry Epstein, 60, New England Walkers               136.46
13. Gustave Davis, 81, Connecticut Racewalkers        132.69

1. Maryanne Daniel, 60, Connecticut Racewalkers       329.22 (4 races)
2. Maegan Allen, 20, New England Walkers                 306.10 (4 races)
3. Moira Burgess, (17-18), Maine RW                           212.17 (3 races)
4. Haley Bickford, 19 (17-18), Gorham Track (ME)        208.84 (3 races)
5. Stephanie Lyness, 62, Connecticut Racewalkers     141.98
6. Val Vaitones, 22, New England Walkers                    118.00
7. Vera Vaitones, 23, New England Walkers                 108.98
8. Kayla Allen, 19, Friends University KS (ME)                77.27
9. Alessia Caira (17-18), Waltham TC                            65.09
10. Stefanie Meacham, (15-16), Gorham HS (ME)         62.90
11. Ginger Armstrong, 56, Connecticut Racewalkers    60.29
12. Morgan Bell, (15-16), Haverhill Elite                         60.17
13. Madison Smith, (17-18), South Portland HS (ME)    56.54
14. Kate MacKeen, (13-14), BAA Masconomet             54.38
15. Ellen Friend, 54, New England Walkers                   52.55
16. Erin O’Neill, 22, University of Vermont                     46.12

Points were calculated by measuring a walker’s race time against international age-graded tables. A walker’s four best scores for the season constituted his or her final total. Associated the athlete’s name is their youth age group or actual age at end of the 2018 season and club.

Results: 2018 CT Association 5000m RW Championship

2018 CT Association 5000m RW Championship
Sunday, Oct 28, 2018, 10am
Peter’s Recreational Complex, Clinton, CT.
Weather: Cloudy, 47 degrees

1. 25:47.3 Sam Allen 16 Kingsway HS NJ  -1st  Jr Men
2. 25:52.1 Ben Young 28 Newport , RI -1st Open Men
3. 33:32.1 Martha Diaz 16 New Rochelle HS, NY -1st Jr Women
4. 33:32.8 Julissa Oceguera 15 New Rochelle, NY -2nd Jr Women
5. 33:35.9 Stephanie Barroghn 16 New Rochelle, NY -3rd Jr Women
6. 35:52.2 Alondra Barajas 16 New Rochelle, NY- 4th Jr Woman
7. 39:13.3 Ginger Palmer 56 CTRW Canterberry, CT- 1st CT Women
8. 42:51.8 Gus Davis 80 CTRW Orange, CT – 1st CT Men

Special thanks to:
Registration, Geoff Bye
Our finish line official, John Palmer
Lap counters,Tammy and Reid Allen
We appreciate Jean Tenan coming the distance to judge, along with Maryanne and Ron Daniel.

New England Walkers Annual Meeting/Potluck, Saturday, Oct. 20th

The 2018 New England Walkers Annual Meeting and traditional potluck will be held on Saturday, October 20th in Harvard MA. Prior to the meeting, at 9:30 a.m. there will be a social (unjudged!) walk over the majestic hills of Harvard. The walk is open to walkers of all abilities.

The Annual Meeting will follow at 11 a.m., at the home of Ed and Deborah O’Rourke (617-645-4884), 40 Bolton Road, near Harvard Center. The meeting will include the election of officers and discuss the following:

-Promoting of RW’ing to younger local athletes; getting more local walkers involved
-Bids for a 2019 National race
-2019 New England GP races and schedule
-Summer inter-state/inter-association scored event (similar to world cup format)
-Summer youth RW GP series
-Helping to recruit more certified officials

Members may suggest other agenda items by emailing Ed O’Rourke ( prior to the meeting. All are welcome to attend, but only paid members may nominate and vote.

The traditional potluck will follow, around noontime.  Please RSVP to Ed ( if you plan to attend the meeting and potluck.

No need to RSVP, if you plan to walk only.

10000m/5000m USATF-CT Association Racewalk Championship, Sunday Oct. 28th

The next USATF-NR RW Grand Prix, and the grand finale of the 2018 season, will be the 10000m/5000m CT Association Championship on Sunday, October 28th at Peters Recreational Complex Track in Clinton, CT. There will be a 1 Mile Fun Walk starting at 9:30 a.m., followed by the main event at 10 a.m.

If you intend to race, please send Maryanne and Ron a quick email at

If you would like to use this race (10,000m or 5000m) as a qualifying race for Jr Nationals etc, please let Maryanne and Ron know ahead of time to be able to get the required number and level of judges.

Race application attached.

2018 USATF-CT 10000-5000m Championship