Results: Seacoast 5000m Race Walk

Here are the results of the Seacoast 3000 and 5000 Race Walks. The races were held on Sunday, May 15, 2011 on the Portsmouth High School track in cool, but dry (for the most part) conditions.

3000 meter Race Walk:
1. Ian Rixon (M17)              Waldoboro ME   15:32.9
2. Spencer Dunn (M13)           Auburn ME      18:33.4
3. Alexis Cooksn (W18)          Mt. Vernon ME  23:50.3

5000 meter Race Walk:
1. Abby Dunn (W17)              Auburn ME      26:16.4
2. Nicole Court-Menendez (W16)  Lewiston ME    29:23.9
3. Ed O'Rourke (M49)            Groton MA      29:59.3
4. Brian Savilonis (M60)        Princeton, MA  30:08.3
5. Kioshi Imai (M53)            Lee NH         30:57.0
6. Stephen Mayeus (M46)         Portsmouth NH  31:24.1
7. Thomas Knatt (M70)           Groton MA      35:51.5
8. Sue Copp-Silva (W57)         Rochester NH   38:19.6

The event was judged by Joann Harriman, Tom Eastler and Bill Harriman.