New England Walkers Annual Meeting Minutes, Sunday, October 25th

The New England Walkers considered ways of building interest in racewalking, discussed a bid for a 2016 national championship, and affirmed a deadline for club dues at the group’s annual meeting Oct. 25 in Groton, MA.

Resuming a conversation that has wound through many club meetings over the years, members talked of the value of reaching young athletes. Ed Vaitones described the planning needed to get race walkers included in youth track meets in New Hampshire. He and Ed O’Rourke cited the advantages of conducting race walking clinics year-round. Ed O’Rourke raised the possibility of joining forces with the recreational group WalkBoston. He and Bill Harriman proposed conducting more events — group walks and get-togethers — for the members we already have.

Club leaders will make certain that there is a sufficient supply of New England Walkers shirts available to give to new members.

Ed O’Rourke asked what national championship we could try to host for 2016, given that the event we have conducted many times, the one-hour championship, has already been awarded for next year. Ed and Rich McElvery will discuss the possibilities with Maryanne and Ron Daniel following the 10K race in Connecticut on Nov. 1. Members noted that we would need to furnish more volunteers for a national championship than we managed to do at the one-hour race this year in Gloucester, MA.

Members set Dec. 1 as the deadline to pay club dues. The annual cost is $10 for an individual and $15 for a family. Payments should be sent to Justin Kuo, 39 Oakland Road, Brookline, MA 02445-6700

Members reelected Ed O’Rourke, president, Rich McElvery, club vice president, Ed Vaitones, member-at-large, Justin Kuo, treasurer, and Charlie Mansbach, secretary.

Attending the meeting were hosts Ed and Deborah O’Rourke, Tom Knatt, Annie Montgomery, Joanne and Bill Harriman, Anne Neuburg, Brian Savilonis, Hilary and Bob Keating, Rich McElvery, Ed and Valia Vaitones, and Charlie Mansbach.

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