Results: 2019 CT Association 5000m, 10000m RW Championship

2019 CT Association 5000m, 10000m RW Championship
Sunday, November 3, 2019, 10am
Peter’s Recreational Complex, Clinton, CT
Bright, sunny, 47 degrees
Connecticut Racewalkers (CTRW) sponsored race

5000m CT Association Championship
1. Ed O’Rourke, 58, NEWalkers, Harvard, MA  31:44 – 1st Open/Master
2. Gus Davis, 81, CTRW, Orange, CT 44:45–1st GrandMaster. 2nd Open
1. Elizabeth Schretzenmayer, 14, Unattached, Danbury, CT  32:32–-1stJr
2. Martha Diaz,16, New Rochelle HS, NY 32:57–-2nd Jr
3. Steph Lyness, 63, CTRW, Guilford, CT 34:16 —1st Open/Master
4. Alondra Barajas, 15, New Rochelle HS, NY 34:29–-3rd Jr
5. Jasmin Spaulding, 15, New Rochelle HS, NY 36:09–-4th Jr

10000m CT Association Championship
1. Tom Finn, 63, CTRW, Southington, CT 1:01:30–-1st Open/Master
1. Ginger Palmer, 57, CTRW, Canterbury, CT 1:15:23–-1st Open/Master

Thanks to:
Rich McElvery, Leeanna Grey and Ron Daniel for judging.
We appreciate Rich and Leeanna coming a great distance to help.
Sarah Nodell, John Palmer, Kristine Schretzenmayer and Roland for
lap counting.
Our numbers are small but we had athletes from MA and NY.
Wonderful to see the young walkers looking good!
~Maryanne Daniel

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