Results: 50th Dartmouth Relays

50th Dartmouth Relays
Leverone Field House, Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH
Sunday, January 13, 2019

Women 1 Mile Race Walk

  1. Miale, Katie Marist College 7:26.50
  2. Allen, Maegan New England Walkers 7:36.18
  3. Meacham, Stefanie Gorham HS 8:39.27
  4. Thurber-Wells, Maizie Unattached 8:49.61
  5. Valentine, Lydia Unattached 9:37.32
  6. Czech, Gabriella Lancaster RW 9:57.21
  7. Sieredzinski, Mary Lone Pine TC 9:57.36
    — Lawson, Miranda Lone Pine TC DQ bent knee
    — Sprout, Katy Lone Pine TC DQ bent knee

Men 1 Mile Race Walk

  1. Allen, Samuel Unattached 7:04.37
  2. Johnson, Carson South Warren HS 7:43.97
  3. Judice, Lucas Thornton 8:24.11
  4. Keating, Robert New England Walkers 8:51.68

New England Walkers Annual Meeting/Potluck, Saturday, Oct. 20th

The 2018 New England Walkers Annual Meeting and traditional potluck will be held on Saturday, October 20th in Harvard MA. Prior to the meeting, at 9:30 a.m. there will be a social (unjudged!) walk over the majestic hills of Harvard. The walk is open to walkers of all abilities.

The Annual Meeting will follow at 11 a.m., at the home of Ed and Deborah O’Rourke (617-645-4884), 40 Bolton Road, near Harvard Center. The meeting will include the election of officers and discuss the following:

-Promoting of RW’ing to younger local athletes; getting more local walkers involved
-Bids for a 2019 National race
-2019 New England GP races and schedule
-Summer inter-state/inter-association scored event (similar to world cup format)
-Summer youth RW GP series
-Helping to recruit more certified officials

Members may suggest other agenda items by emailing Ed O’Rourke ( prior to the meeting. All are welcome to attend, but only paid members may nominate and vote.

The traditional potluck will follow, around noontime.  Please RSVP to Ed ( if you plan to attend the meeting and potluck.

No need to RSVP, if you plan to walk only.

New England Walkers Host Race Walking Clinic

Last weekend Jeff Salvage (, race walking coach and book author, conducted a two-day race walk clinic in Waltham, MA. Jeff covered everything from technique to nutrition, flexibility, and training. The clinic was sold out with attendees ranging across the age spectrum — from 10 years old to over 70. Although most were from New England, some participants came from as far away as Florida, New Mexico and New York.

NEW club president Ed O’Rourke hosted the event at his Waltham office, and Ed Vaitones (high school track coach and father of and NEW member Valentina) led stretching and warm up exercises before the participants’ work out.

Thank you Jeff Salvage, Ed O’Rourke, and Ed Vaitones for making the clinic a successful event!2016-salvage-clinic-group

New England Walkers’ Maegan Allen Places 7th at Millrose Games

Last Saturday, Maegan Allen of the New England Walkers earned 7th place in the Women’s 1-Mile Race Walk at the Millrose Games in NYC. Competing against the nation’s top women race walkers, Maegan held 4th position from 1200 meters until the final straight, finishing in 7:35.94.

Congratulations Maegan!

The full results and video can be found at:

2016 Millrose Games Women's 1 Mile Race Walk--Maegan Allen in 4th place with 1200m to go. Photo courtesy Metropolis-Brookline TC

2016 Millrose Games Women’s 1 Mile Race Walk–Maegan Allen in 4th place with 1200m to go. (Photo courtesy Metropolis-Brookline TC)

2015 USATF-NE Race Walk Grand Prix Finale, Sunday, Nov.1st

The final USATF-NE Race Walk Grand Prix Race is the USATF-CT 10000m RW Championship. It will be held on Sunday, November 1, 2015, in Clinton, CT at the Peters Recreational Complex Track. Prior to the main event at 9:30 a.m. there will be a 1 Mile Fun Walk open to any level of experience in race walking. (Race entry form attached.)

The current standings remain the same after the Pepperell Rail Trail 8K:

Kayla Allen                320.55
Sydney Sirois            310.88
Maegan Allen            302.82

Bob Keating              339.34
Ed O’Rourke              320.05
Stephen Peckiconis    293.13

The complete 2015 USA Track & Field New England Race Walk Grand Prix standings are posted below.

CTRW 10k _15 entry

Results: 2015 Greater Boston Track Club Invitational – 1/25/2015

2015 Greater Boston Track Club Invitational – 1/25/2015
Gordon Indoor Track – Harvard University

Mixed 1 Mile Race Walk Junior
1 Allen, Maegan            W16 Unattached             7:41.17
2 Allen, Nolan                M14 Unattached             8:17.28
3 Caira, Alessia              W14 Waltham Track       9:13.47
4 Burgess, Moira           W14 LA Racewalkers    10:28.80

Mixed 3000 Meter Race Walk
1 Dunn, Spencer            M16 Unattached           14:48.50
2 Brenner, Samuel         M18 Unattached           14:55.79
3 Sirois, Sydney             W LA Racewalkers        15:01.91
4 Allen, Kayla                 W LA Racewalkers        15:24.04
5 O’Rourke, Ed              M52 New England        15:57.93
6 Lindoe, Holly               W Franklin Pierce         16:07.51
7 Daniel, Maryanne        W56 ConnQuest          16:44.09
8 Emery, Siana              W16 LA Racewalkers    16:47.28
9 Peckiconis, Stephen    M55 Cambridge SU      17:16.54
10 Allie-Morrill, Pam        W Unattached             17:47.64
11 Bickford, Hayley         W15 Gorham               18:25.67
12 Wilder, Clyde             M78 Unattached           22:35.99

Results: USATF Connecticut Association Open Indoor Track & Field Meet – 2/9/2014

Hillhouse High School, New Haven, CT
1600 Yard Race Walk Mile

Men 29&U
1  Lazor, Jonathan     17 Unattached             7:52.22

Men 40-49
1  Vayo, Bill          49 Unattached             8:01.33

Men 70-79
1  Davis, Gustave      76 Connecticut           12:02.18

Women 29&U
1  Licursi, Kristi     18 Unattached             8:05.93
2  Vaitones, Valentin  17 Golden Spike           8:30.33

Women 50-59
1  Daniel, Maryanne    55 Connectitcut           8:10.19
2  Armstrong, Ginger   51 Unattached            11:15.28
-  Hambrick, Denise    57 Unattached                  DQ (bent knee)

Women 60-69
1  Pasquale, Elizabet  61 Unattached             9:29.52

Minutes of 2013 NEW annual meeting

The New England Walkers elected a new president, saluted their outgoing one, and laid out an agenda for 2014 at their annual meeting Nov. 10 in Groton, MA.

The club elected Ed O’Rourke president, Brian Savilonis vice president, Justin Kuo treasurer, Rich McElvery member-at-large, and Charlie Mansbach secretary. Members thanked club founder Tom Knatt for his 31 years as president, presented him with two inscribed cakes, and made plans to name a race in his honor.

The club voted to give $250 to Valia Vaitones, a 17-year-old walker from New Hampshire, to help her attend a race walking training camp in Texas. The allocation is being made as part of the club’s mission to encourage and develop young walkers. The club will ask Valia to share her experiences on the NEW website.  In addition to attracting young athletes, we want to set a goal of getting at least 5 new club members this year from the Masters level athletes.

On the same theme of reaching out to more young athletes, we discussed putting our contact information on race walking fliers that could be distributed at events, and of supercharging our website and Facebook page to spread our message.  We plan to have regular conference calls to discuss further steps. Ed suggested we have these meetings monthly and the mandatory club meetings quarterly. We want to develop some great ideas we can implement in promoting the sport ad the club.

We also will explore whether we could pique further interest by distributing appealing race walking T-shirts. We will investigate the choices and prices.

After the national-level complications that prevented us from hosting the USA one-hour championships in 2013, we voted to tell our national representatives, Steve Vaitones and Justin Kuo, that we would be willing to host the national 5K, 10K, or one-hour championship in 2014.

The club listed these NE Grand Prix events for 2014:

  1. Dartmouth Relays 1 mile
  2. Eastern or NE Masters Indoor 3K
  3. Greater Boston Track Club Indoor 3K
  4. New England Indoor 3K
  5. Pepperell Rail Trail 8K
  6. Seacoast 5K, NE Outdoor 3K
  7. Bay State Games 3K
  8. Eastern Masters Outdoor 3K

Also included, whatever local national championship we may wind up hosting, and the Connecticut 10K. Walkers may also include an out-of-town national championship.

Brian proposed regular club workouts on the rail trail in Groton, perhaps as an alternative to the often-sparsely attended races at Danehy Park in Cambridge. Ed said we need to create clusters where walkers can find us. More discussion will follow.

The meeting was hosted by Ed and Deborah O’Rourke. Also attending were Beth Katcher, Tom Knatt, Rich McElvery, Joanne and Bill Harriman, HIlary and Bob Keating, Ann Neuburg, Brian Savilonis, and Charlie Mansbach.

Charlie Mansbach, NEW Secretary

results: Riverdale 4K & 10K Race Walks, Brookline MA

Here are the results of the Riverdale 10-kilometer and 4-kilometer Race Walks in Brookline, MA. The unjudged race walk/clinic was held on Sunday, September 8, 2013.

1. Charlie Mansbach (68)  Newton       72:22
 (splits: 2K 14:03, 4K 28:26,  6K 43:00, 8K 57:40)

2. Paul Schell (76)      Malden       77:40
 (splits: 2K 14:26, 4K 29:35, 6K 45:11,  8K 61:12)

1. Clyde Wilder (76)     Needham      31:24
  (splits: 2K 15:43)