Seacoast Racewalks: USATF-NE RW 5000m Championship & 3000m—May 20th

The 2018 Seacoast Racewalk — the USATF-NE RW Grand Prix premier outdoor event! — will be held on Sunday, May 20th at the Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, NH. A great warmup for the USATF National 5k Championships in June, the Seacoast Racewalk will include a 3000 meter race and the USATF-NE 5000 Meter Championship. Registration will open at 9 a.m., and both races will start at 10 a.m.

If you can’t compete, consider consider helping out — lap counters are always needed. We welcome anyone interested in the sport of race walking to race, watch or cheer!
(registration form attached)

Seacoast 3k & 5k Entry Form

NEWalkers Hosting the 2018 USATF 5km Race Walk Championships, June 10th!

On Sunday, June 10th, the New England Walkers will host the 2018 USATF 5km Race Walk National Championships! They will be held in Framingham, Massachusetts — for the Men’s and Women’s Junior, Open and Masters divisions. There will also be a 1 km event in the Youth (14 & under)/Novice category.

The course is located in the scenic office park at Staples Headquarters, just a few minutes off of the Mass Turnpike/Interstate 90 and Route 9, and less than 45 minutes west of Boston. It is a one-kilometer, certified loop. There are several lodging accommodations within 2 km of the course — one is within walking distance.

For more information go to:  There you will find more event details and an online registration form. You can also download a mail-in registration form (attached).

If you are not planning to race, please volunteer as a lap counter! We need your help—Thanks!

2018_National_5K_RW Framingham

Hats off to the Connecticut Racewalkers!

On Friday, at the National Masters Indoor Championships in Maryland, our friends from the Connecticut Racewalkers club medaled in the 1500m race walk. Stephanie Lyness (W60-64, 10:01.67), Maryanne Daniel (W55-59, 8:13.79), and Tom Finn (M60-64, 8:26.86) won gold medals.

On Saturday, Maryanne garnered her second gold medal in the 3000m race walk, with a time of 17:24.12.

Congratulations to Stephanie, Maryanne, and Tom!

For more results see:

NEWalker’s Nolan Allen Places 5th at the New Balance Nationals Indoor

Last Saturday New England Walkers’ Nolan Allan medaled in the New Balance National Indoor Boys 1 Mile Race Walk at The New Balance Track & Field Center in New York City. Competing against some of the nation’s top student-athletes, Nolan finished 5th in a respectable time of 7:38.05.

Congratulations Nolan!

For more results go to:

Results: 2018 Northeast Indoor Classic

2018 Northeast Indoor Classic
Hosted by Needham Track Club
Reggie Lewis Track, Boston, MA
Sunday, March 5, 2018

800 Meter Race Walk Mixed

1. McCarthy, Shannon  W13 Waltham TC            4:02.38
2. Smith, Morris            M13 Waltham TC             4:07.15
3. McDonald, Rowan    M10 Unattached              4:22.69
4. McKoy, Justin           M12 Conn Hawks            4:50.47
5. Rivera, Eliana            W13 Danbury Flyers         5:10.73
6. DeVries, Jake            M10 Needham Youth       5:30.39
7. Durant, Alyssa            W9 Metropolis TC           5:36.42
8. Zelermyer, Julia         W10 Needham Youth       5:47.05
9. Badggett, Wisdom    W10 Boston United          5:52.36
10. Girmay, Mathious     M11 Youth Enrichment    5:52.85
11. Joseph, Kendall       W11 Metropolis TC          6:18.22
12. Manfredonia, Nich   M11 Danbury Flyers          6:21.46
13. Rivas, Ethan              M8 Danbury Flyers          6:26.65
14. Girmay, Thomas        M9 Youth Enrichment      6:40.40
15. Elias, Naomi              W9 Youth Enrichment      6:41.14
— Elias, Abigail               W7 Youth Enrichment       DQ
— Jones, Boone             M9 Unattached                DQ

2018 USATF New England Race Walk Grand Prix Standings (Updated 2/25/2018)

The 2018 USATF New England Race Walk Grand Prix standings have been updated to include 2018 USATF New England Indoor Championship 3000m Race Walk.

Points were calculated by measuring a walker’s race time against international age-graded tables. A walker’s four best scores for the season constituted his or her final total. Associated the athlete’s name is their youth age group or actual age at end of the 2018 season and club.

The next Grand Prix event will be the Seacoast 3000m/5000m Race Walk on Sunday, May 20th at Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, NH.

1. Bob Keating, 71, New England Walkers                  343.82 (4 races)
2. Ed O’Rourke, 57, New England Walkers                 329.41 (4 races)
3. Stephen Peckiconis, 59, Cambridge Sports Union  211.28 (3 races)
4. Will Smith, (13-14), Waltham TC                              192.49 (3 races)
5. Dylan Lamont, (17-18), Gorham HS (ME)                 147.27
6. Nolan Allen, (17-18), New England Walkers             143.08
7. Tom Finn, 62, Connecticut Racewalkers                    74.27
8. Charlie Mansbach, 74, New England Walkers            72.83
9. Tom Knatt, 78, New England Walkers                        72.19

1. Maegan Allen, 20, New England Walkers                  306.10 (4 races)
2. Maryanne Daniel, 60, Connecticut Racewalkers        248.40 (3 races)
3. Moira Burgess, (17-18), Maine RW                            212.17 (3 races)
4. Haley Bickford, 19 (17-18), Gorham Track (ME)         208.84 (3 races)
5. Stephanie Lyness, 62, Connecticut Racewalkers       141.98
6. Kayla Allen, 19, Friends University KS (ME)                  77.27
7. Val Vaitones, 22, New England Walkers                       65.94
8. Stefanie Meacham, (15-16), Gorham HS (ME)             62.90
9. Vera Vaitones, 23, New England Walkers                    56.92
10. Madison Smith, (17-18), South Portland HS (ME)      56.54

Results: 2018 USATF New England Indoor Championship

Results: 2018 USATF New England Indoor Championship
Gordon Indoor Track, Harvard University
Boston, MA
Sunday, February 18, 2018

3000 Meter Race Walk
1. Edward O’Rourke III   56 New England Walkers           15:13.42
2. Maegan Allen             19 New England Walkers           15:41.25
3. Nolan Allen                 17 New England Walkers           15:48.88
4. Rachel Zoyhofski        26 Unattached                           15:50.79
5. Moira Burgess            17 Unattached                           15:57.44
6. Robert Keating           70 New England Walkers            17:14.99
7. Maryanne Daniel         59 Connecticut Racewalkers      17:19.81
8. Tom Finn                     61 Connecticut Racewalkers      17:55.15
9. Morris Smith               13 Waltham Track Club               18:10.62
10. Stephen Peckiconis   58 Cambridge Sports Union       18:31.81
11. Stephanie Lyness       61 Connecticut Racewalkers      20:27.48

1 Mile Race Walk Youth Mile
1. Desilets Dubois            11 Rochester Running Rebels      8:59.7H
— Kory Hurd                    18 Unattached                             DQ

Judges: Tom Menendez, Ron Daniel, Steve Vaitones, Justin Kuo, Rich McElvery

Results: 2018 USATF East Region and New England Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships

2018 USATF East Region and New England Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships
Providence Career and Technical Academy, Providence, RI
Sunday, January 28, 2018

3000 Meter Race Walk

1. Edward O’Rourke III  M56 New England Walkers           15:45.48
2. Robert Keating          M70 New England Walkers           17:06.50
3. Maryanne Daniel       W59 Connecticut Racewalkers      17:18.44
4. Stephen Peckiconis  M58 Cambridge Sports Union       18:30.80
5. Barry Blake               M63 Shore Athletic Club                18:41.76
6. John Fredericks        M70 Freehold Area Running Club   20:47.93

Judges: Steve Vaitones, Ron Daniel, Pam Allie-Morrill

(Photo courtesy of USATF-NE)

Results: 2018 Greater Boston TC Invitational

2018 Greater Boston TC Invitational
Gordon Indoor Track, Harvard University
Boston, MA
Sunday, January 21, 2018

3000 Meter Race Walk (Co-Ed)
1. Conway, Chelsea       Shore AC                          15:08.10
2. Allen, Maegan            New England Walkers       15:27.65
3. Zoyhofski, Rachel      Unattached                        15:49.08
4. Burgess, Moira          LA Racewalkers                 16:21.92
5. Bickford, Hayley         Gorham Track                   17:13.69
6. Keating, Bob              New England Walkers       17:18.93
7. Peckiconis, Stephen   Cambridge Sports Union  18:23.80
8. Smith, Morris              Waltham Track Club          19:00.95
—Allen, Nolan                 New England Walkers       DNF
—Hallal, Julien                Doherty                             DQ
—Lamont, Dylan            Gorham Track                    DNS

Judges: Tom Menendez, Todd Bickford, Steve Vaitones, Justin Kuo, Rich McElvery

Results: 49th Dartmouth Relays

49th Dartmouth Relays
Leverone Field House, Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH
Sunday, January 7, 2018

Women’s 1 Mile Race Walk
1. Conway, Chelsea               Shore AC           7:32.75
2. Allen, Maegan                   NEWalkers          7:39.59
3. Shapiro, Kayla                  Walk USA            8:01.79
4. Bickford, Hayley               Unattached          8:33.76
5. Smith, Madison                Unattached         10:47.64

Men’s 1 Mile Race Walk
1. Allen, Nolan                     NEWalkers           7:45.04
2. Lamont, Dylan                 Unattached          7:46.95
3. O’Rourke, Edward           NEWalkers           8:08.16
4. Keating, Bob                    NEWalkers           9:02.68