Results: 2017 USATF New England Indoor Championship

2017 USATF New England Indoor Championship
Gordon Track, Harvard University, Boston MA
Sunday, February 19, 2017

3000 Meter Race Walk (Mixed)

  1. Emerson Esnal Hernandez  Fleet Feet A                    12:45.13
  2. Dave Talcott                          Shore AC                        13:51.83
  3. Kayla Allen                            LA Race Walkers            14:58.07
  4. Holly Lindoe                          Franklin Pierce                15:08.60
  5. Maegan Allen                        New England Walkers     15:10.15
  6. Nolan Allen                           New England Walkers     15:22.39
  7. Edward O’Rourke III             New England Walkers     15:23.38
  8. Sydney Sirois                       Unattached                      15:28.44
  9. Rachel Zoyhofski                 Unattached                      15:44.64
  10. Richard Cote                       Franklin Pierce                 16:34.65
  11. Robert Keating                    New England Walkers      16:57.47
  12. Stephen Peckiconis            Cambridge Sports Union 17:49.56
  13. Barry Blake                          Shore AC                         18:41.89

Judges: Tom Menendez, Pam Allie-Morrill, Rich McElvery, Justin Kuo

Results: 2017 USATF East Region and New England Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships

2017 USATF East Region and New England Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships
Providence Career and Technical Academy
Providence, Rhode Island
Sunday, January 29, 2017

3000m Race Walk (Open)
1. Emerson Hernandez   M28 Fleet Feet A                     12:49.49
2. Nolan Allen                 M17 New England Walkers      15:27.52
3. Edward O’Rourke III   M55 New England Walkers      15:36.20
4. Maegan Allen             W18 New England Walkers      15:48.64
5. Robert Keating           M69 New England Walkers      17:07.73
6. Stephen Peckiconis   M57 Cambridge Sports Union  18:10.04
7. Wayne King               M56 unattached                       19:46.70
8. Bill Harriman              M69 New England Walkers       21:29.26

Emerson Hernandez led the pack from the start, leaving the New England Walkers in his wake. He finished the 3000m race walk in 12:49.49.

Results: 2017 Greater Boston TC Invitational

2017 Greater Boston TC Invitational
Gordon Indoor Track, Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mixed 1 Mile Race Walk Junior OPEN
1. Smith, Morris              M  Watham TC                 10:44.20

Mixed 3000 Meter Race Walk OPEN
1. Hernandez, Emerson  M  Unattached                  13:02.87
2. Taylor-Talcott, Erin       W  Shore AC                     13:39.98
3. Talcott, Dave               M  Shore AC                     13:52.04
4. Allen, Kayla                 W  LA Racewalkers           15:05.85
5. Allen, Maegan             W  New England Walkers  16:01.41
6. Riegel, Sophie             W  Unattached                  16:08.52
7. Naidenko, Valentina     W  Unattached                  16:11.25
8. Lindoe, Holly               W  Franklin Pierce              16:43.39
9. Burgess, Moira            W  LA Racewalkers           17:26.12
10. Cote III, Richard         M  Franklin Pierce              17:36.32
11. Daniel, Maryanne       W  CT Racewalkers           17:47.30
12. Barbarotta, Hannah   W  Fitchburg St.                 22:02.03
— Allen, Nolan                 M  New England Walkers    DNF

Results: 48th Dartmouth Relays

48th Dartmouth Relays
Leverone Field House, Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH
Sunday, January 8, 2017
(Source: Lancer Timing)

Women’s 1 Mile Race Walk
1. Allen, Kayla                LA Racewalkers           7:48.69
2. Allen, Maegan            New England Walkers  8:18.74
3. Bickford, Haley LA     Racewalkers                 8:40.72
4. Burgess, Moira LA     Racewalkers                 8:44.76
5. Menard, Gabrielle      Boutique Courir             8:46.67
6. Guénard, Danika        Club Gatineau               8:52.51
7. Vaitones, Valentina     New England Walkers   8:54.82
8. Bourgie, Marie-Anne  Boutique Courir             9:36.43
9. Staskiewicz, Morgan  Lancaster RW               9:57.88
10. Petit, Lexi                   Lancaster RW           10:56.64

Men’s 1 Mile Race Walk
1. Adamowicz, Marek     Boutique Courir            6:10.51
2. Bechard, Yvan            Boutique Courir            7:12.54
3. Smith, Steven             Unattached                   7:45.33
4. Allen, Nolan                New England Walkers    8:17.11
5. O’Rourke, Ed             New England Walkers    8:19.11
6. Jobin, Marcel              Énergie                          9:03.44
7. Cote III, Richard          Franklin Pierce               9:27.74

Judges: Steve Vaitones, Tom Eastler, Ed Vaitones, Rich McElvery

In fast company: Steve Vaitones, Nolan Allen, Val Vaitones, Marcel Jobin (past Olympian), and Maegan Allen at the Dartmouth Relays last Sunday.

Results: 2016 Tom Knatt One Mile Race Walk/USATF-NE Indoor One Mile Race Walk Championship

2016 Tom Knatt One Mile Race Walk/USATF-NE Indoor One Mile Race Walk Championship
Shobrys Indoor Track, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA
Saturday, December 10, 2016

1.    Kayla Allen           17 Lewiston ME        Maine Racewalkers 7:54.89
2.    Meagan Allen       18 Arlington MA        NEWalkers               7:57.81 – 1F USATF-NE
3.    Ed O’Rourke        55 Groton MA           NEWalkers               8:35.07 – 1M USATF-NE
4.    Hayley Bickford    16 Gorham ME         Gorham Track           8:45.30
5.    Maryanne Daniel   58 Clinton CT           CT Racewalkers       8:49.14
6.    Tom Finn              60 Southington CT    CT Racewalkers       8:58.32
7.    Moira Burgess     16 Monmouth ME      Maine Racewalkers  9:02.12
8.    Val Vaitones          20 Derry NH              NEWalkers              9:08.44 – 2F USATF-NE
9.    Morris Smith        12 Arlington MA         Waltham TC          11:08.33 – 2M USATF-NE
10.   Thomas Knatt     76 Groton MA            NEWalkers            12:07.78 – 3M USATF-NE
11.   Baker, Ellie          62 Lexington MA        Unattached           12:56.45

Judges: Ron Daniel, Tom Menendez, Steve Vaitones, Rich McElvery

The distinguished field at the 3rd Annual Tom Knatt One Mile Race Walk Championship, December 10th at MIT:
Front row: Maryanne Daniel, Maegan Allen, Morris Smith
Back row: Ed O’Rourke, Moira Burgess, Hayley Bickford, Kayla Allen, Tom Knatt (Champion Emeritus), Ellie Baker, Val Vaitones, Tom Finn

2016 Tom Knatt One Mile Walk: Saturday, December 10th!

The 3rd annual Tom Knatt One Mile Walk, also serving as the USATF-NE Indoor One Mile RW Championship, will be held at MIT’s Johnson Athletic Center in Cambridge, MA.

USATF-NE Championship medals will be awarded to the top three male and female finishers at the event.

Open to all ages, the race starts at 11:00 a.m. No fee for USATF-NE members, $5.00 for all others. Bring your entry form to the meet. (Entry form attached.)

Please send an email indicating your intent to compete to


Final Results: 2016 USATF New England Race Walk Grand Prix

Congratulations to the 2016 USATF-NE Race Walk Grand Prix winners, Bob Keating and Maegan Allen! In all, thirty-one athletes participated in at least one of our 11 Grand Prix races. Results are below. Scores were based on a walker’s race time in relation to the international age-graded tables.

1. Bob Keating              344.50 (4 races) (1st USATF-NE)
2. Ed O’Rourke             318.98 (4 races)
3. Spencer Dunn           313.02 (4 races)
4. Brian Savilonis           295.98 (4 races)
5. Stephen Peckiconis   290.10 (4 races)
6. Nolan Allen                285.91 (4 races)
7. Charlie Mansbach     279.92 (4 races)
8. Larry Epstein             137.52 (2 races)
9. Matthew Forgues       80.39 (1 race)
10. Trevor Judd               76.33 (1 race)
11. Clyde Wilder              73.97 (1 race)
12. Nicholas Parrot          72.03 (1 race)
13. Tom Finn                    70.35 (1 race)
14. Tom Knatt                  68.26 (1 race)
15. Spencer Linscott        67.83 (1 race)
16. Gustave Davis            67.14 (1 race)

1. Kayla Allen                 316.11 (4 races)
2. Maegan Allen             311.10 (4 races) (1st USATF-NE)
3. Siana Emery              290.97 (4 races)
5. Moira Burgess           200.30 (3 races)
6. Val Vaitones               180.60 (3 races)
7. Maryanne Daniel        157.11 (2 races)
8. Sydney Sirois             146.96 (2 races)
9. Holly Lindoe               141.81 (2 races)
10. Hayley Bickford         140.32 (2 races)
11. Alessia Caira             134.77 (2 races)
12. Holly Wenninger        132.71 (2 races)
13. Elizabeth Larsen         69.58 (1 race)
14. Lilyan Cohen              68.85 (1 race)
15. Ginger A. Palmer        61.84 (1 race)

Results: 10000m CT Association Championship

Peters Recreational Complex Track, Clinton, CT
Sunday, October 30, 2016
Weather: Partly sunny, humid, 65-70 degrees

1 Mile Race Walk
1. Elizabeth Schretzenmeyer 11:24:06

10000m Race Walk
1. Ed O’Rourke, 54 New England Walkers                59:32 (1st Open/Masters)
2. Tom Finn, 60 CT Racewalkers                           1:05:29 (1st CT, 2nd overall)
3. Charlie Mansbach, 72 New England Walkers    1:16:15 (3rd Open/1st Master over 70)
– Gus Davis, 78 CT Racewalkers 5000m in 41:22
1. Panse Geer, 70 Shore AC                                  1:15:13 (1st overall)
2. Ginger Armstrong Palmer, 54 CT Racewalkers 1:18:08 (1st CT, 2nd overall)

Judges: Jean Tenan, Maryanne and Ron Daniel
Special thanks to:
Geoff Bye for registration/ lap counting
Lap counters/timers, John Palmer, Gene Geer, Kristen and Peter Schretzenmeyer.
A big thank you to Bob Gemske for bringing the clock, even though our number are few, it helps it feel more official.



New England Walkers Annual Meeting Minutes, Sunday, October 16th

The New England Walkers discussed the possibility of hosting a national championship in 2017, with an emphasis on attracting young walkers, during their annual meeting Oct. 16 in Groton, MA.

Members talked of conducting a two-day racewalking festival, perhaps with a clinic the first day and a race the following day. Devens in Massachusetts was mentioned as a possible location. The major questions were whether we can assure our local USATF representatives that we can provide sufficient help and support for such an event and whether we can attract enough participants.

October was mentioned as an ideal time of year for a race, but Ed Vaitones pointed out that the difficulties of attracting young athletes during the cross-country season and said that the first two weeks of June would be preferable. Members discussed how to reach members of youth track clubs; Ed proposed putting something in writing that Steve Vaitones can give to the youth coaches he deals with.

Ed O’Rourke said he hopes to resume conference calls among members to pursue these matters further.

Ed also said the club should order more shirts to give to new walkers.

Bill Harriman said he was uncertain if he and Joanne would continue to host the 8K race in Pepperell. If they do, they will shift the race to early October.

The club re-elected its slate of officers: Ed O’Rourke, president; Rich McElvery, vice president; Justin Kuo, treasurer; Ed Vaitones, member at large; Charlie Mansbach, recording secretary.

Present at the meeting were Ed O’Rourke, Ann Neuburg, Brian Savilonis, Annie Montgomery, Tom Knatt,  Rich McElvery, Val Vaitones, Ed Vaitones, Maegan Allen, Joanne and Bill Harriman, and Charlie Mansbach.