Updated: 2017/2018 New England Race Walk Calendar

Below is an updated list of race walking events in New England for the year 2017. The Grand Prix races have the asterisk (*). Prior to traveling to the event, always verify the date and time with the event website or director.

Sep 09 Sat
USATF Junior 20 km Race Walk, Open and Masters 40 km Championships, Owego, NY http://www.usatf.org/Events—Calendar/2017/USATF-Junior-20-km-Race-Walk-Championships.aspx

Sep 17 Sun
*Pepperell Rail Trail 8K/4K, Pepperell, MA, 10 a.m. start (rain or shine!)

Oct 22 Sun
USATF Open and Masters 30 km Race Walk Championships, Hauppauge, NY http://www.usatf.org/Events—Calendar/2017/USA-30-km-Race-Walk-Championships.aspx

Nov 05 Sun
*10000m CT Association Championship, Peters Recreational Complex Track, Clinton, CT, 10 a.m.

2018 Calendar

Dec 16 Sat (tentative date)
*USATF New England Indoor 1 Mile Walk Championship (Tom Knatt One Mile Walk), M.I.T, Cambridge, MA, 12:00 p. m.

Dec 30 Sat
USATF Indoor 5,000m Race Walk Championships, Rochester, NY http://www.usatf.org/Events—Calendar/2017/USATF-Indoor-5-km-Race-Walk-Championships.aspx

Results: USATF New England Open & Masters Championships

USATF New England Open & Masters Championships
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
Saturday, July 29, 2017
Weather: Low 70’s, overcast, breezy

Mixed 3000 Meter Race Walk
1. Yvan Bechard           M55 Canada                            14:38.15 (CAN M50 Record)
2. Edward O’Rourke II  M55 New England Walkers       16:00.03
3. Stephen Peckiconis  M58 Cambridge Sports Union  18:41.74
4. Valentina Vaitones    W20 New England Walkers       20:01.04 (1st Women)
5. Brian Savilonis          M67 New England Walkers       20:07.40
6. Morgan Bell             W14 Haverhill Elite                     20:58.65 (2nd Women)
7. Charles Mansbach   M72 New England Walkers        21:37.72
8. Gustave Davis          M79 Connecticut Racewalkers  24:15.14

Judges: Rich McElvery, Ed Vaitones, Tom Knatt, Steve Vaitones

Results: 2017 Bay State Games

2017 Bay State Games
Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA
Saturday, July 15, 2017
Weather: Overcast, 65-degrees, humid

Mixed 3000 Meter Race Walk
1. O’Rourke, Ed                 M55 Groton, MA            15:59.33
2. Peckiconis, Stephen      M58 Roslindale, MA       18:36.63
3. Savilonis, Brian              M67 Princeton, MA        18:58.06
4. Mansbach, Charles        M72 Waban, MA            21:15.46

Results: USATF Region I Track & Field Championships

USATF Region I Track & Field Championships
Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg MA
Saturday, July 8, 2017
Weather: Partly cloudy, 80 degrees, humid

1500 Meter Race Walk
1. Thomas, Brenna          Waltham Track        9:04.70 (1st 9-10 Girls)
2. Bush, Sarah                 Unattached            9:30.40 (1st 11-12 Girls)
3. McDonald, Rowan       Unattached             9:34.00 (1st 9-10 Boys)
4. Schretzenmeyer, El      Danbury Flyers        9:50.30 (2nd 11-12 Girls)
5. Coisman, Max             Danbury Flyers       10:12.60 (1st 11-12 Boys)
6. Wiltshire, Katie             Five Points             10:45.40 (3rd 11-12 Girls)
7. Johnson, Aaron           Clcf Panther           11:43.80 (2nd 9-10 Boys)
8. Ehler, Taylor                 Waltham Track       12:02.40 (2nd 9-10 Girls)
9. Piwowar, Alexander     Nitehawks Sports   12:36.00 (2nd 11-12 Boys)
10. Trefts, Adeleine            Unattached           14:17.40 (3rd 9-10 Girls)
—  Coonradt, Lucas           Unattached                       DQ (9-10 Boys)

3000 Meter Race Walk
1. Allen, Nolan                 Unattached            16:00.77 (1st 17-18 Men)
2. Grover, Jessica            Unattached            16:42.78 (1st 15-16 Girls)
3. Thomas, Michael         Waltham Track        16:46.90 (1st 13-14 Boys)
4. Caira, Alessia               Waltham Track        16:50.67 (2nd 15-16 Girls)
5. Trefts, Izabelle              Unattached             18:15.34 (1st 13-14 Girls)
6. Ormsby, Jodi-kay        Vo2max Track          19:32.34 (2nd 13-14 Girls)
7. Jarosz, Braden            Unattached             19:38.98 (1st 15-16 Boys)
8. Schonenberg, Gilli       In Motion                 19:44.62 (3rd 13-14 Girls)
9. Smith, Morris               Waltham Track        20:08.65 (2nd 13-14 Boys)
10. Bell, Morgan                Haverhill Elite          20:41.16 (4th 13-14 Girls)
11. Rivera, Eliana               New Fairfield          21:02.18 (5th 13-14 Girls)

Judges: Ed Vaitones, Rich McElvery, Steve Vaitones

Results: 2017 USATF-NE Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships

2017 USATF-NE Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships
Saturday, June 17, 2017
Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg MA
Weather: Overcast, humid, mid-60 degrees

1500m Race Walk
1. Allen, Nolan               Unattached              7:23.22 (1st 17-18 Men)
2. Caira, Alessia           Waltham Track         7:52.51 (1st 15-16 Girls)
3. Thomas, Michael     Waltham Track          8:05.48 (1st 13-14 Boys)
4. Thomas, Brenna      Waltham Track         9:05.41 (1st 9-10 Girls)
5. Bell, Morgan              Haverhill El               9:06.42 (1st 13-14 Girls)
6. Smith, Morris            Waltham Track         9:25.49 (2nd 13-14 Boys)
7. Poynter, Annabel      Town Track              11:01.45 (1st 11-12 Girls)
8. Ehler, Taylor              Waltham Track        11:06.71 (2nd 9-10 Girls)
9. Piwowar, Alexander  Nitehawks Sports    11:40.93 (1st 11-12 Boys)
10. Johnson, Aaron       CLCF Panthers       12:26.27 (1st 9-10 Boys)
11. Powers, Olivia         Town Track              12:30.58 (2nd 11-12 Girls)
12. Nyhan, Luke            Town Track              15:20.89 (2nd 9-10 Boys)

NEWalkers Well Represented at the 5k National Race Walk Championships

Last weekend, New England Walkers Ed O’Rourke, Val Vaitones, and Meagan and Nolan Allen competed at the USATF 5k Race Walk Championships in Albany, New York. Although NEW fell short of the required number of entrants to compete in the team category, they brought home some medals regardless!
In the men’s race, NEW president Ed O’Rourke received a silver medal in the M55 category, with a placing of 6th overall. Family duo Maegan and Nolan Allen both claimed National Junior (age 19 & under) titles. Maegan was 5th overall in the women’s race.
Great show Ed, Maegan, Nolan, and Val!
Results can be found at: http://www.usatf.org/Events—Calendar/2017/USATF-5-km-Race-Walk-Championships/Results.aspx

Results: 2017 Seacoast Racewalks

2017 Seacoast Racewalks
Portsmouth High School
Portsmouth, NH
Sunday, May 21, 2017
Weather: Sunny, 61 degrees

Kayla Allen (ME)            14:52.1 *
Valentina Vaitones (MA) 18:54.3

Stephan Mayeux (NH)   32:15.5
Brian Savilonis (MA)      32:33.6
Bill Harriman (MA)         35:34.1
Peter Malinowski (MA)        DQ

Spencer Dunn (ME)      54:17.2

* Kayla also beat the current Maine HS 1500m record with an interim time of 7:09.8.

Thanks to the chief timer, Justin Kuo, and judges Tom Menendez and Rich McElvery. Thanks also to volunteers Anita Bailey, Carolyn Fetter, Chris Mayeux, Joanne Harriman, and Pam Faltin. And a special thank you to sponsors Seacoast Dreams Dentistry and Runner’s Alley in Portsmouth, NH.

Seacoast Racewalks – May 14th, Portsmouth NH

Spring is definitely arrived and the first outdoor USATF-NE Grand Prix race will be the Seacoast Racewalks on Sunday, May 14th at the Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, NH. The Seacoast Racewalks will include 3000m, the USATF-NE 5000 Meter Championship, and 10000m. All races will run concurrently and will start at 10 a.m.

We need volunteers for lap counting and cheering (!). This a great opportunity to experience an official event first hand, whether you are competing or spectating.

Registration form attached.S3K-5K-10K EntryForm17