Free RW Clinic, August 10th at the National 1-Hour Championships!

A free clinic will be held on Sunday, August 10, at the New Balance Track, (Gloucester High School, Gloucester, MA) in conjunction with the USA National 1-Hour Race Walk Championships.

The clinic will be for beginners and novices of any age, focusing on “how to feel the form” at a easy speed, with some tips to keep it right as one goes faster.  Some beginner training ideas will be shared.  It will start at 10:45 a.m., following the Men’s and Women’s races, and it will last a maximum of 30 minutes.

This is a great opportunity to watch the some of the best race walkers from all over the US, while learning more about race walking technique!

Race Walk Clinic in Derry NH on Jan. 6, 2013

Sunday January 6, 2013 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

An introduction to the Race Walking, the Olympic event – Come learn about this unique event

The clinic is geared toward youth through high school, but is open to all ages

Race Walking has been part of the Olympics since 1908, and is a world championship event
Though not a high school event in most states, race walking competition is held at the National
Scholastic championship meets, in youth athletics Junior Olympics, at some high schools, and in
youth and open track and field meets in indoor and outdoor competitions

Youth age 14 and under generally race 800 to 3000 meters, high schoolers race 1 mile to 3000
meters, with the mile being the most popular distance.

It’s a low impact event – a good running alternative for those with knee or back programs – but one
that requires overall fitness and endurance, as well as the skill to maintain proper technique
The focus of this clinic is on basic technique and drills to become a successful walker

There is no charge for the clinic!

Click here for information flyer. 2013 race walk clinic

For more information, contact USATF New England, / 617-566-7600



2011 Winter Race Walk Clinic at Lexington High School

Bill Harriman reported he has in meeting on Tuesdays with a group of walkers at the Lexington High School indoor track in Lexington MA. His class of several novices and few veterans, has been working on a combination of technique work and interval training. Bill report the class has been doing and he welcomes additional participants. Contact Bill at

Clinic: Portsmouth NH

Jay Diener will be hosting a race walk clinic in Portsmouth NH on Sunday , August 15, 2010. Here are the details:

There is a racewalking clinic scheduled for this Sunday, August 15. It will be at the Spinnaker Point recreation facility in Portsmouth ( The clinic will start at 9:00, and will last for 1-2 hours.

The guest instructor for this clinic is Tom Eastler. Tom has been teaching and coaching racewalking in Maine for 30 years. His high school program is among the best in the country, and his athletes regularly compete on a national and international levels. His son was a two-time Olympic racewalker. So, clearly, Tom knows his stuff! Whether you are a beginning racewalker, or someone looking to improve form and/or speed, you will get some great help at this clinic.

There is a $5 charge to use the facilities at Spinnaker Point for the day (including lockers, showers, indoor track, cardio and weight rooms, indoor pool, etc.), and we are asking for a $20 donation for the clinic. All of the $20 will go to Tom and his team.

If you are planning on attending, please come a little early so we’ll all be ready to go at 9:00. Please wear shorts (it is important for the instructors to be able to see your knees), and racewalking shoes or racing flats.

Please write to Jay Diener at coastwalker AT to let him know if you are going to the clinic. You can also write to Jay with any questions about the clinic.

Winter training

Here is a notice from Rich. Is anyone from NH interested in indoor training?


Yes, the Dome is open to everyone, $5 to use the track. Yes, you can put in the announcements for a group work out or anyone interested in learning how to race walk.

Look under schedules. Best times to walk are before 3pm week days, and after 5 or 6pm on week days. More info can be found over at tiktok is our new platform for up to date social media.  Evenings on Tuesdays (7:15-9:15) and Thursdays (8:15-9:15) are best for me. Let me know if any walkers are interested so it will keep me from getting on my bicycle about 8:15.

New Hampshire Dome in Milford NH