Grand Prix Guidelines

USATF New England Race Walking Grand Prix Competition Guidelines

General / Events

  1. The USATF New England Race Walking Grand Prix consists of a combination of road and track events at various distances through a calendar year held in the six New England states.
  2. The schedule and maximum number of events to score in a year will be set by the USATF NE Race Walking Committee by January 31 of the calendar year.
  3. Any changes to scoring will only take place at the start of a new calendar year.
  4. There is only individual competition, no team competition.


  1. The USATF-NE GP will score athletes from the New England, Maine, and Connecticut associations of USATF.
  2. Grand Prix scoring is limited to those athletes at least 14 years old on December 31 of the calendar year.
  3. Only those athletes residing in the New England association (MA, NH, RI, VT) are eligible for USATF-NE end of year awards.
  4. Overall series awards may be presented.
  5. Scorers must be USATF members by their second scored event or must be a full-time college student who are members of a New England college track and field team.
  6. Juniors in high school must be USATF members.


  1. Competitors will earn a point value for their performance in a race.
  2. Points are based on age-graded performances.
  3. The best of four (4) events over a year will count toward series scoring.
  4. An athlete may opt to include one “wild card” US championship or qualifying race held outside of New England in their scores.

Age grading:

  1. Open/Masters athletes will be scored on their age on the day of the event.
  2. Juniors age 14 through 18 through the end of the calendar will be scored on the upper year of the 2 year age group they are in as of December 31. Those are groups are 13-14, 15-16, 17-18.

Example: When an athlete turns 14 during the year – they are scored as a 14 year old.   An Athlete turns 15 during the year, they are scored with the 16 year old point value as a 15-16 division scorer.

3. When an athlete turns 19 during the year they are scored single age as a 19 year old.