Ed O'Rourke

Ed O’Rourke

Welcome to novice and experienced racewalkers, both young and old.

Our club includes walkers of all ages and backgrounds who can help you learn the competitive racewalking style. We offer informal instruction in racewalking at many of our events, as well as more formal clinics throughout the year.

Look at our Rules of Racewalking category, for the basics. See our slide show of racewalkers to view the Olympic sport of racewalking in action. Racewalkers travel from 6 min. to 12 min. per mile (less than 4 min. to 8 min. per kilometer). As a great aerobic exercise for all ages, racewalking style is usually easier on your body than running.

While some of our members learn racewalking for enjoyment and conditioning, other members compete nationally and internationally. As a member club of the USA Track and Field organization, we hold, and participate in, several New England Association racewalking championships throughout the year. We also walk in other selected events, including the Boston Marathon.

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  1. 03/16/19 — Hoping to attend a clinic in the Boston area. Trained years ago in Washington DC and would like to return to the sport. Still searching through the website. Apologies if I’ve missed a more approoriate “newbie” on ramp!! Many thanks for further info.

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