Results: MIT One-Mile Race Walk

1 Mile (Indoor)
at MIT Intersquad Meet, Cambridge MA
Saturday, December 15, 2012

1. Spencer Dunn     14 Edward Little HS, Auburn ME  7:47.30
2. Ed O'Rourke      51 New England Walkers          7:56.84
3. Maryanne Daniel  54 CT Racewalkers               8:08.56
4. Larry Epstein    54 NE Walkers                   8:58.23
5. Liz Pasquale     60 CT Racewalkers               9:00.20
6. Valia Vaitones   16 Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH  9:26.11  (NH HS indoor record)
7. Jack Lazor       16 Hand HS, Madison CT         10:24.56
8. Charlie Mansbach 68 NE Walkers                  10:39.27

Judges: Ron Daniel, Justin Kuo, Steve Vaitones

2010 Pending Master Race Walk Records

Each year, the USA Track & Field record keepers review outstanding performances by our race walkers. Those marks are submitted for ratification as American Records at the USATF annual meeting in December. Here is the list of the masters race walk marks that may be ratified.

The review process is ongoing and some marks will require additional information like the judge’s signatures, proof of age, or course validation.

Thank you. — Justin

Masters Indoor Records

2010 National Indoor Masters Championship logo

2010 National Indoor Masters Championship in Boston

The 2010 National Indoor Masters Championship is just a few weeks away. The 3000 meter race walks will be held on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at that Reggie Lewis Facility in Boston MA. The walks are exciting and we may see athletes setting new American Records. Thanks to Bev McCall, here are the American Records as of the first of this year.

as of January 1, 2010


3000 meters
M35-39  11:29.87   Jonathan Matthews     Boston, MA         1/22/94
M40-44  12:25.9    Ray Funkhouser        Princeton, NJ      1/10/93
M45-49  12:38.71   Don DeNoon            Hillside, IL       2/20/93
M50-54  12:34.9    Don DeNoon            Carbondale, IL     2/04/94
M55-59  13:09.0    Don DeNoon            Carbondale, IL     2/13/99
M60-64  14:22.23   Don Denoon            Boston, MA         3/28/04
M65-69  15:30.50   Paul Johnson          Boston, MA         3/30/03
M70-74  16:07.46   Jack Bray             Boston, MA         3/30/03
M75-79  17:12:80   Jack Bray             Boston, MA         3/30/08
M80-84  20:38:49   Marvin Goldenberg     Boston, MA         3/30/08
M85-89  22:29.58   Bill Patterson        Boston, MA         3/25/01
        22:26.55p  Charles Boyle         Landover, MD       2/28/09

5000 meters
M35-39  19:59.06   Tim Seaman            Boston, MA          2/28/09
M40-44  20:43.20   Jonathan Matthews     Atlanta, GA         2/28/98
M50-54  21:42.71   Donald DeNoon         Atlanta, GA         3/05/94
M55-59  29:37.0    Don DeNoon            Overland Park, KS  12/06/02


3000 meters
F35-39  12:36.76   Joanne Dow            New York            2/29/04
F40-44  12:45.05   Joanne Dow            Boston              2/26/06
        12:44.89p  Joanne Dow            Cambridge, MA       2/19/06
F45-49  13:08.40   Teresa Vaill          Boston, MA          2/24/08
F50-54  15:04.35   Gayle Johnson         Parkside, WI        2/10/01
F55-59  16:22.41   Gayle Johnson         Columbia, MO        2/21/04
F60-65  17:15.24   Elton Richardson      New York, NY        2/20/00
F65-69  17:46.25   Ruth Eberle           Carbondale, IL      2/08/97
F70-74  19:08.86   Shirley Dockstader    Boston, MA          3/30/03
F75-79  20:50.00   Kate Marrs            Boston, MA          3/28/04
F80-84  23:08.58   Miriam Gordon         Boston, MA          3/26/06
F85-89  27:11.02   Fan Benno-Caris       Boston, MA          3/28/04

Click here for information on the 2010 National Masters Championship.

Coning an Outdoor Track

Here are the details on setting up the cones for the USA National One Hour Race Walk championship. Records may be set on tracks up to 440 yards in length. The typical track has a circumference of 400 meters. It consists of two straight sections and two curved sections. The inside border may have a raised curb that is 5 centimeters high and 5 centimeters wide. The curb may be present on the curved sections. The curb is optional on the two straight sections.

Curbed Tracks
Outdoor Track Records may be set on tracks with a curb. If the track was designed for use with a raised curb along the inside edge, then the curb must be in place along the curved sections for records at distances below 10,000 meters. The circumference of the track, is the path measured 30cm to the right of the raised curb.

Un-Curbed Tracks
Outdoor Track Records may also be set on a track that was designed without a curb by using cones. The inside border will be marked with a 5 centimeter wide, white line. The circumference of a the track, is the path measured 20 centimeters to the right of the white line. The cones must be at least 20cm in height and must be placed along the curved section at intervals not exceeding 4 meters to prevent any athlete running or walking on the white line. The base of the cone should just cover the white line. Cones may be omitted on the straights and substituted by a 5cm wide white line.

For the hour race walk at Bentley College, I recommend placing the cones no more than 3 meters apart. For that interval you’ll need 40 cones (20 on each of the two curved sections.) It’s okay to use more cones. Start at the common finish/start line and place a cone on the white line. Then, every three steps, place another cone. You may need a helper to carry the cones. I would not bother coning the straight sections. During the event, cones that are tipped over should be reset by the officials. After the event, the cones need to be collected.


Additional Information
For specifics see the 2010 USATF Competition Rules Book (RULE 160 – TRACK LANES AND MEASUREMENTS and RULE 263 – RULES APPLICABLE TO TRACK EVENTS)